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Cherry Mobile unveils the most anticipated teaser. Will this count as a hint of the upcoming Flare S9 series?


Get your wallets ready, ’cause something big is coming right away.

Just today, Cherry Mobile released a teaser on their official Facebook Page. Is this the hint that we were actually looking for? First off, what do they mean about the “New Wave”? Let’s dig deeper to gather more info if only we can. 

If you still haven’t seen the post that we were talking about, it’s right on their official Facebook page but if you’re too lazy to visit it then here’s the link for you.

Before making a step, I guess we should ask anyone’s thoughts about the teaser. ’cause we might be right, we also might be wrong in no time. Taking a closer look, we see a new model with a modern, stylish, and blue-ish design of the frame. But unfortunately, we didn’t get a look at its back cover so no hints for its design, yet.

What are your thoughts about the teaser? If I were to answer, it looks like it is the standard version of the Flare S IX (if you know what I meant.) Alright, jokes ahead, it really looked like a standard version of the upcoming Flare S9 series. So, what about you?

Source: Cherry Mobile

What do you think about the teaser? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!