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Vivo unveils OriginOS based on Android 11 which is FuntouchOS' successor

Vivo’s new interface looks refreshing!

It looks refreshing, but what is OriginOS?

Of course, you have already heard about Vivo’s main skin, which is FuntouchOS. I feel old, we have been using it for years and we had a lot of fun using it as our primary interface. The skin has been rebased on several devices, running Android 11. As for its polished release with a new name “OriginOS” will soon replace FuntouchOS on your current Vivo device, and will be used for future smartphones out-of-the-box.

OriginOS is a successor of FuntouchOS with overhauled capabilities, a revamped interface, and additional features that you’ll love.

Vivo’s latest UX which is OriginOS was teased on November 6 and gave us a little philosophy about their upcoming software, followed by an official announcement on November 9 at their official Weibo account, they assured us that the company will unveil their latest software on November 18 at a special event in Shenzen, China. iQOO, which was Vivo’s sub-brand, has also reshared the announcement, giving us a hint that the future iQOO devices will run on OriginOS based on Android 11 out-of-the-box. In case you didn’t know, the first official posters about the OriginOS were shared on their official Weibo account with the tagline “Brave New World.”

Want to see how it looks? Here.

Is my Vivo phone eligible for it? When will I receive it?

According to, the first generation of OriginOS based on Android 11 will roll out in batches for the following devices in China. As of now, the exact dates on when your device will be getting it (if you’re in China) are not yet provided. The company also have not posted any info on when this update will be reaching devices outside China.

  • Batch 0 (Shipping with Origin OS):
    • Next-generation X series
  • Batch 1 – First Open Beta in January 2021:
    • Nex 3S
    • Vivo X50 Pro
    • Vivo X50 Pro+
    • Vivo X50
    • Vivo S7
    • iQOO 5 Pro
    • iQOO 5
    • iQOO 3
    • iQOO
    • iQOO Pro
    • iQOO Neo 3
  • Batch 2 – First Open Beta in February 2021:
    • Nex 3/Nex 3 5G
    • iQOO Neo
    • Vivo X30/X30 Pro
    • iQOO Neo Snapdragon 855 Edition
  • Batch 3 – First Open Beta in Q2 2021:
    • Vivo X27 Pro
    • Vivo X27
    • Vivo X27 (8+128)
    • Vivo S6
    • Vivo Z6
    • Vivo Z5i
    • Vivo S1
    • Vivo Z5x
    • Vivo Z5
    • iQOO Z1X
    • iQOO Z1
    • Nex Dual Display Edition
    • Nex S
    • Nex

Source:, Via: Android Authority

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