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Blackview BL8000 announced, the world's first rugged smartphone powered by Dimensity 1200

 The first rugged phone to feature Dimensity 1200 is here!

Blackview is a Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer that has been known for its specialty at making rugged smartphones at an affordable cost. Now, Blackview has brought us the first rugged phone ever to the table, to feature MediaTek’s latest flagship Dimensity 1200 SoC.

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of its full specifications during the announcement, however, as of now, we now know that the handset is set to release with Dimensity 1200 5G processor and that it will be accompanied by 12GB RAM in which was just recently released by MediaTek.

In addition, several statements left us a hint that the Blackview BL8000 “will fundamentally change the way we use the rugged phone,” and that “it will offer reliable connectivity and multi-touch boost touchscreen responsiveness” according to the company.

Other than that, the company said that the Blackview BL8000 is set to release very soon with no specific launch date provided. The company also claims that we’ll be able to use its 5G connectivity while on ski/snowboard slopes and in the mountains. Even so, 5G is unlikely to cover such areas.

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Via: GSMArena