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LOOK: Realme X9's Appearance Teased!

Slimmer than ever?
Madhav Sheth, CEO of Realme Smartphones has posted a photo revealing X9’s slim profile. 
Aside from it’s slim profile, new set of colors will be seen on the new Realme X9. Similar to the Realme X7 Pro’s “Iridescent” or the Realme V15’s. There’s also the company’s slogan, “Dare to Leap” written in big letter.
A USB-C port, microphone, a single-speaker, and likely a microSD slot can be seen at the bottom of the phone. Unfortunately, it looks like the Realme X9 won’t be having a 3.55mm headphone jack.
It’s appearance is subject to change since its still in development. Specs are not yet known.
Source/s: Madhav Sheth