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This Waterfall Display Concept by Xiaomi is the company's latest innovation

Xiaomi on February 5th posted a teaser and introduced us to their upcoming “waterfall” display on both their social accounts including Facebook and Twitter, and it’s the company’s latest innovation in which features an extraordinary quad-curved display in every aspect.

The #QuadCurvedWaterfallDisplay concept smartphone has no ports or buttons. It’s a major advance towards a truly port-free unibody smartphone future. #InnovationForEveryone

— Xiaomi (@Xiaomi) February 5, 2021


And yes, the concept itself looks familiar. We’ve seen this type of concept before back then in 2019 on the Mi Mix Alpha where the entire display is bezel-free. But this is the first time we saw them unveil their quad-curved design.

Taking a deeper look at the Facebook post above, Xiaomi’s innovative Waterfall display features a quad-curved surface at 88-degrees. 
Albeit, this concept isn’t something new. While we’ve been seeing several OEMs making displays curved in every side of the screen in the market, having all edges curved this way in every edge of the screen is a thing we haven’t seen in the industry in which proves that this concept is indeed unique and there’s no mistaking that this is a “never-before-seen” smartphone factor.
Moreover, the company also adds that the display comes with a port-free unibody design and it boasts a total of 46 “ground-breaking” patents, making the entire screen completely all-screen. It has a bezel-free appearance, covering the device is an all-screen display, with an exemption for the corners.
What do you think of the concept? Share your thoughts below in the comments section!

Via(s): TechnophilePH, GIZGUIDE, Gizmochina