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Instagram Lite announced: made for low-end devices

 “I am from Venezuela, and some will understand that it is not easy to have a new smartphone.”

After its testing stage, Facebook launches the lightweight version of Instagram with several optimizations and improvements for those who are struggling with poor connectivity issues and other network problems. And not just that, they even compressed the app from a size of 30MB to as low as 2MB, developed to fit in a low amount of storage, and it has limited features to work on a minimal lightweight device. 

Although some of the animations and features were removed, common features like GIF and stickers stayed in the app, including the option to enable the dark mode, the Facebook team added the reason behind it that it’s for those people to browse ‘more privately’ and ‘to not bother’ around them.

The Instagram Lite will be available on Google Play Store in more than 170 countries. The app is expected to arrive globally soon. There’s no word yet on when will it arrive on iOS devices.

What do you think of the app?

Source: Facebook