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Zombie Mode makes its comeback in Call Of Duty Mobile!

In a recent community post by the developers, they have announced that Zombie Mode is coming back as part of the new inclusions in the upcoming second season update.
In contrast, it won’t be back anytime soon yet. According to the Reddit post, the developers are currently working on the said game mode and are making significant progress. For the meantime, the Chinese version of Call Of Duty will soon have access to the original map Shi No Numa
Exact dates were not given on when the map will be available to the public. Nevertheless, we can expect that the update’s release is expected later this year 
Despite the delay of the game mode, the developers understand and know that the players will be let down by the announcement. They encourage them to be patient and wait for further information regarding the update. The update also gives out more relevant information about the update to the game; its public test build. 
With the public test build, its goal is to get feedback from players to provide applicable changes with the upcoming update. 
Additionally, the developers will use the feedback system to improve weapon balances in the future updates of Call Of Duty Mobile. The public test will only be available to Android devices and will be limited to 30,000-40,000 players only.
Source/s: GamerantCODM Reddit