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Valorant Mobile in the works

Riot Games is reportedly developing a mobile version of its highly popular first-person hero shooter Valorant. According to sources. A known leaker named Player IGN estimated that the came will be announced in this year’s E3.

According to IGN India, the title would be “Valorant Mobile” though is still not official and most likely change in the near future.

Additionally, developer Riot Games is currently gauging the market sentiment before deciding where to release the port.

This news is not new as last year, Unusual controls were discovered during the beta. But strings of code were discovered after the game’s release. This implies that the Riot games are planning for a mobile release since the game was testing touch controls.

Below is the previously leaked strings of the Valorant Mobile tutorial along with the mobile configurations.

All Valorant Mobile Settings | #VALORANT

— Mike – Valorant Leaks & Info (@ValorLeaks) October 13, 2020

Source: IGN Southeast Asia