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Android 12 allows you to play games in the middle of the installation

Google has announced the Android Game Development Kit that gives the developers the flexibility to make use of advanced features as well as without the need of switching between different developer tools.

Earlier on Monday, July 12, Google unveiled a big gaming-related feature for its next-generation Operating System, the Android 12. This feature is useful for particularly large games, as it saves you time without having to wait for the full game to be downloaded.

It allows users to play games as they’re being downloaded, in other words, you can play them in the middle of the installation while the assets in the background are being downloaded.

You may refer to the below GIF shared by Google.

Google unquestionably said it’s already “seeing games being ready to open at least 2 times faster.” However, this functionality only works with games using the Play Asset Delivery system.

Furthermore, the Android Game Development Kit aims to reduce fragmentation by allowing almost all tools and libraries to work across many different Android versions and most of these functions will work on almost any device in use today.

Google also added that features will be enhanced by future Android upgrades, and the libraries will provide backward compatibility when possible.

Source: Android Developers, Via: GSMArena, The Verge