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Apple launches MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 lineup

Apple just announced a battery pack for the iPhone 12 family.

Firstly, the MagSafe Battery Pack is detachable to the rear panel of your iPhone with the help of magnets. The aligned magnets keep it attached to your iPhone and it gives you a safe and reliable wireless charging experience. Still not comfortable? The MagSafe automatically works once it connects to your iPhone, so there’s no need to worry about the power buttons.

The MagSafe Battery Pack gives the flexibility to charge your iPhone 12 device with a 5W wireless charging experience. Additionally, you can charge both devices simultaneously by plugging a lightning cable into the battery pack for up to 15W of wireless charging. You might want to use another adapter to get your desired speeds.

Moreover, Apple has also said that the MagSafe Battery Pack was designed to attach easily to your iPhone or through a MagSafe case (if you feel stylish enough), along with an iOS integration that gives you the ability to see the status of your battery on your lock screen.

The all-new MagSafe Battery Pack is only compatible with iPhone 12 series running on iOS 14.7 or later and is priced at USD 99 (~roughly PHP 4.9K). Local availability remains unknown so stay tuned for updates!

Via: YugaTech