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Google Meet now has a 60-minute time limit for free users

Google wants its free users to say goodbye to the unlimited group video calls.

If you remember when Google launched Meet globally in April 2020, Google said it won’t enforce a call limit (yeah, those were the good old times) until September of the same year. The plan was then further postponed to June of this year.

Today, Google has finally set a time limit although it only applies to free users. Google Workspace subscribers have nothing to worry about as they still get to stay within their plan’s time limit.

Users will be alerted via a notification around the 55-minute mark if their call is about to end. The call will automatically stop once it reaches an hour. If you’re not satisfied enough, you get to continue your group conversation along with a newly generated link to use for Google Meet.

Albeit, one-on-one callers still have a time limit of 24-hours. If you’re wealthy enough, Google wants you to move to their Google Workspace plan, which has a starting price of USD4.20 (~roughly PHP 209) per month.

It grants you access to Google Meet with up to 100 participants and… there’s still a limit though although this time it’s long enough to last for a day, and yes, it’s a 24-hour limit. And you might want to switch to a better plan as soon as possible to get what you desire.

Don’t leave yet, each plan gives you the capability to use other Google services like Gmail, Drive, and etc so there’s nothing to worry about. Also, remember this, the higher the plan gets, the more group of people can participate in a meeting.

Via: NoypiGeeks, YugaTech