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Sony CEO reveals the ‘Corporate Strategy’ towards innovation

Sony’s purpose or reason for existing, is to “fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology.” And until now, Sony banks on this notion as they continue their contribution to the society through initiatives that will lead towards innovation.

Because of this vision and the desire of the community to consume entertainment, Sony has currently directly connected to about 160 million people in the world, but still, Sony Corporation CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida wants to continue this and expand its connection to up to 1 billion people.

“Connecting to 1 billion people represents our vision for DTC (Direct-to-Consumer), a focus area in terms of investment towards growth. I would first like to emphasize that in the case of Sony’s DTC services, the overarching concept they are based upon is our Purpose,” he said.

“Sony cannot fill the world with Kando (emotion) on its own, and ultimately we need to collaborate with distribution partners,” he added.

The process of connecting 1 billion people, however, will not be solely done by themselves in a vertically integrated structure, but instead, by utilizing communities of people that share emotionally impactful experiences and interests which he refers to as Communities of Interest.

“There are many ‘Communities of Interest’ across the Sony group [and] it is about fostering there types that we have cultivated until now, and doing what we can ourselves as Sony, within this broader landscape,” Yoshida-san stated.

Sony also sees the chance of contributing towards the evolution of mobility that’s why the company will continue to develop VISION-S as an exploration area.

“At Sony, we have leading expertise in technologies such as imaging and sensing. I believe these technologies can make a significant contribution to vehicle safety, so we should deploy them proactively,” he said.

With all these visions for the company’s future, Sony still remains grounded on its responsibility to the Earth as a valued stakeholder by effectively executing initiatives to reduce environmental impact such as the Road to Zero environmental plan and RE100.

“Looking to the future I believe it is vital for us to consider the responsibility Sony can fulfill, and the contribution Sony can make, to our important stakeholder, the Earth,” Yoshida-san said.

Locally, Sony Philippines continue to make efforts that will also contribute in achieving this vision.

“We are one with the global vision of Sony, that is why we’ll continue to launch significant and effective activities to expand our footprint as we move towards achieving the goal of connecting more people through technology,” Sony Philippines President and Managing Director, Nobuyoshi Otake said.

Watch the full interview of Kenichiro Yoshida here and you can also access the Sony Corporate Blog for other interesting news on Sony.