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This Sneki Snek is Razer's gaming slippers for the World Snake Day

To celebrate a thematic day, Razer is releasing the Sneki Snek, a pair of gaming slippers.

Sneki Snek slippers, staring into your soul with its cute fluffy eyes

Sneki Snek, as the name suggests, is a snake-themed gaming mascot by Razer. It’s actually a row of Razer products, demanded by ‘insane’ fans. In the lineup, you can get a plushie, a head pillow, an eye mask, a floor rug, as well as the aforementioned gaming slippers that just got launched for the World Snake Day which is on July 16.

Razer is on a goal to save at least a million trees. Every Sneki Snek merchandise sold will save 10 trees. It’s a campaign in collaboration with Conservation International. Plus, on top of that, every milestone accomplished will get you new merch to buy. To date, Razer has saved a total of 414,340 and more trees so far.

The Sneki Snek slippers feature a warm, plush lining along with slip-resistant soles, thickly padded insoles, and are manufactured in a soft velvety finish for your gaming needs. The new slippers will retail for €59.99 (~roughly PHP 3.5K) and you can get them online.