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Top 6 Rainy day season products from XTREME Appliances

We are halfway through the year which means rainy days and cold weather is expected. Aside from preparing your sweaters and cardigans for this grey and gloomy weather, you might also want to consider investing in home appliances that will help you feel better and comfortable. XTREME Appliances, the country’s leading one-stop shop appliance brand, offers a wide range of large and small appliances that are perfect for any season all year long.

In this article, we listed down Top 6 must-have XTREME Appliances for this rainy day season. While the rainy days are totally inevitable, we can still prepare and be smarter about it by choosing the right products for your homes. Luckily, you can get these appliances on the upcoming Lazada & Shopee 7.7 Sale starting July 7, 2021.

Washing Machine

Rainy days are a nightmare for your laundry. This season could bring huge hassle in managing your wet clothes and you can’t dry them outside on the clothesline. XTREME Home Combo Washer & Dryer is coming to help you say goodbye to all your season’s laundry woes.

This Lazada 7.7 Sale, you can get a 28% discount on XTREME Home Combo Washer & Dryer!

Android TV

One of the most perfect things to do on a rainy day is binge-watching your favorite movies and series on Netflix. With XTREME Android TV, experience a home cinematic experience with your loved ones. This Lazada 7.7 Sale, get the 55” XTREME Android TV at a discounted price.

From the SRP of P35,995, you can get this 55” XTREME Android TV for only P30,665.

Gas Range

This rainy season might as well learn how to cook and bake. Having to cook food and bake your own could surely keep the warmth within the family. XTREME Home offers gas ranges that perfectly fit different lifestyles. Luckily, you can get up to 28% discounts on XTREME Home Gas Ranges this Shopee 7.7 Sale!

Water Dispenser

Who wouldn’t want an instant cup of hot tea or a bowl of instant noodles on a rainy day? Get the XTREME X-Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser (XWD201WX) this Lazada 7.7. Sale at a discounted price. No matter what the weather is, we need to keep hydrated by drinking a lot of water — hot or cold.

Get a savings of P2,240 on XTREME X-Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser this Lazada 7.7 Sale!

Microwave Oven

This season, warm food and hot drinks definitely bring comfort. With a microwave oven, you can get that much-needed warmth from the pit of the stomach to the rest of the body. You can have simple dishes heated up in a jiffy to snack on while rain pours outside.

Get up to 14% discounts on XTREME Home Microwave Ovens this Shopee 7.7 Sale!


We all have our rainy day comfort food — it could be a hot lugaw, creamy soup, or the chocolatey goodness of champorado. With XTREME Home Multi-Cooker, you can now achieve these great meals in a very short time  — so convenient!

Score 14% discount on XTREME Home Multicookers this Shopee 7.7 Sale.

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