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Windows 365 is a PC in the cloud you can use

Microsoft recently announced its Windows 365 service, a subscription where you can use your PC on the cloud. It gives you the ability to stream a full Windows PC experience on any platform, and yes, including mobile devices, even Macs and Linux.

So, what’s the deal? Ever heard of cloud gaming? This is actually the same as playing games on the cloud but, for office stuffs, pretty much like that.

To put it simply, it’s basically a PC you can use with only the need for internet, a fast one. Compared to laptops, this one’s more flexible. Why buy a desktop when you can literally have one on the cloud? I guess that explains it. No need to go any further.

However, the Windows 365 service is not exactly for consumers in any case, hence, it’s more beneficial to enterprise customers. If they ever happen to miss a PC, they’ll be just needing a device to install the service on. That’s it.

The Windows 365 Cloud PC service offers a variety of memory configurations with a maximum of 32GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, it will launch on August 2 and by then, you’ll get the full details. As such, there’s no final pricing yet. For more info, click here.