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Aqua S10 Pro, Cherry Mobile's Opening Card for Q3

Cherry Mobile yesterday had just announced what their newest contender would be named, the upcoming Aqua S10 Pro. The teaser shows that it would be most likely the middle child of the Aqua S10 Series. Packing the punch hole display was a first for Cherry Mobile.

Now the question here is what chipset will Cherry Mobile be using this time? As for regards to 5G, this phone will most likely be a 4G device. As Nico Tan of Cherry Mobile teased on Cherry Mobile’s Community group, the phone will run on an unknown Helio G series processor. Our speculations? we have no idea but we can always predict based on the market movement and demands. So our assumption? It would either be the Helio G90, 90T, 95 series family or the newer ones like G88 and G96.

As for the camera setup on the teaser, the design looks very much from a BBK laboratory, the Oppo Reno series as you might be thinking. We can’t establish such conclusions without further information as the device is yet to be released. It might be the challenger of the Philippine Q3 market or it would be another phone that everybody loves but nobody wants?

As August nears to an end we will be expecting the new phone sooner so stay tuned.