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Are Tablets back for Good?

Long before the pandemic has stricken us, the market mainly evolves on Smartphones, iPads, Galaxy Tab, and Laptops. We seem to forget that Android tablets seem to co-exist in the market, but for a reason, if we go back 5 years ago, tablets are mainly having fewer features, lower screen resolutions, and insufficient processing power to run productivity applications and even word processing applications.

When the pandemic struck the world, education is one of the most affected sectors of the society. With Classes held online and learning materials shifted from paper to PDF, DOCX or PPTX learners may need a device suitable enough to handle both online learning sessions and learning materials. Lucky enough, chip manufacturers like MediaTek had already a long line of processors designed mainly for Portable Computers. Modified from standard midrange to flagship chipsets, made for smartphones in the market there’s no hassle in going back to the drawing board again to develop a new one thus making it more easier to bring back android tablets. This time more powerful, bigger displays paired with high resolutions and bigger RAM and ROM options. With the tight market competition and the help of OEMs, bringing the price to a lower point won’t be a problem.

Truly bringing back these things allows us to choose over a wide range of devices suitable for our needs. Ranging from an entry-level pricing to a high-end one, you will have a lot of choices among leading brands and other competitors in the market.

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