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Camera HAL 3, What is it and how it works?

Hardware Abstraction Layer or also known as Hal 3 by Google is a software that connects higher level camera frameworks on your android.hardware.camera2. It connects it between your underlying camera drivers and hardware thus having a stable interface powered by the Hal Interface.

Features of HAL 3

Figure: How HAL 3 works as an algorithm.

The aim of the android camera API redesign is to increase the ability to control the camera subsystems in your phone and at the same time reorganizing the API to make it or stable, organized and maintainable. The additional controls provisioned by the Hal 3 will make it easier to build high end camera applications that has interoperability on the android ecosystem using the HAL 3 privilege.

With HAL 3 Being around since Android Oreo, we could say that provisions like these helped android users a lot in accessing the full operability of their camera hardware. With softwares like Google Camera, Open Camera and many more, it would be a lot more fun to capture moments on your smartphone.

Source: Android Source