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Genshin Impact Releases Version 2.1 Trailer

Genshin Impact reveals the version 2.1 trailer today. A trailer that showcases how big the update is. From Raiden Shogun to Scaramouche’s appearance, Genshin Impact is one of those games you wouldn’t want to miss.

Dubbed as the “Floating World Under the Moonlight”, the 2.1 trailer showcases the debut of the upcoming characters. Kujou Sara, Sangonomiya Kokomi, and Raiden Shogun are three of the confirmed characters coming in the 2.1 update.

Scaramouche in the trailer

Scaramouche’s appearance in the trailer has left Genshin fans thrilled, for being absent since the 1.1 update. I mean who wouldn’t? Fans since day one sure have been missing everything about him, I can’t imagine the update gap. Furthermore, as seen in the trailer, Fatui Harbinger returns as an enemy for trying to be against the traveler.

The trailer ends with a Moonchase Festival in which seems more like a cooking competition where Paimon’s eye obviously dilates over food as well as Keqing asking for a dish. To celebrate Genshin Impact’s 1st anniversary, there’s a Moonchase Merriment where all players will be brought back together to be part of the celebration.

There’s also this Hyakunin Ikki event that promotes a free-for-all fighting held in an unknown guild hall near Inazuma City, and Lunar Realm as an introduction to the new fishing system in the game.

Ending the story, here are the primo codes we’ve gathered during the live stream. Be sure to redeem them within 24 hours or you’ll be missing a lot of wishing opportunities.

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Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open-world game available on multiple platforms such as PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. The 2.1 update will arrive on September 1st. Meanwhile, a Switch version is yet to be released.