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WAIT NO, COME BACK! OnlyFans cancels ban on Sexually Explicit content after massive backlash

After OnlyFans announced its ban on pornographic or highly sexually explicit content on its website, the platform received massive backlash as most content creators there depend on sexually explicit content for money. So today, OnlyFans retracted the ban and had pledged to make a home for its content creators.

OnlyFans founder and CEO Tom Stokely have particularly blamed banks for “forcing” the ban. In light of this, OnlyFans and the banks made a compromise to allow sexually implicit content on the platform. Though they have refused to say which banks have agreed on this. In addition, a spokesperson from Mastercard said that OnlyFans is compliant with their new rules and has “no bearing” on its policy change, stating that OnlyFans “made the decision themselves”.

The company has stated a response on Twitter and that they have secured assurances to support their diverse creator community. And in light of the responses, have canceled the proposed 1st October policy change.

The website is also used by multiple celebrities including Tana Mongeau, Jordyn Woods, and Bella Thorne. The platform was founded in 2016 originally as a competitor to Patreon and has hosted non-sexual content ranging from cooking to the arts. In addition, it has launched a friendlier platform called OFTV that is available for most TV platforms like AndroidTV as well as Android and iOS