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Android 12 Beta 5: Google's final take on the Beta Program

Today, Google has released the fifth and final public beta build of Android 12 for supported Pixel devices. It has a status of “release candidate”, meaning the next build after it will be the final one that rolls out to all supported Pixel devices.

This is also the first beta you can install on the Pixel 5a which was released recently, with a build number of SPB5.210812.002. Usually, the size of the update package varies according to which device you’re holding on to.

With Android 12 Beta 4 released last month, it has already reached the “platform stability” phase, which gives us a hint that there will be only a few months away from its debut and stable release. With that being said, the Beta 5 comes with “the latest fixes and optimizations”, which means it’s finally getting more stable and stable.

Meanwhile, Android 12 is just around the corner. Google says it’s a “few weeks away” at this point.

Via: GSMArena