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Germany demands seven years of software updates on Android and iOS platforms

To keep devices last longer, manufacturers would release software updates. One popular operating system that is known for releasing software updates is iOS. Apple would normally release at least 5 years of software support. Android phones tend to be awful in terms of software updates as even Android flagships would only give 2 major updates at best, lucky if there’s more.

Let’s be honest, we all wanted a phone that lasts long, not just long-term support, but also fast arrival of updates. Normally, Android phones as mentioned earlier will provide at least 2-to-3 years worth of software updates while Apple would provide at least 5-to-6 years worth of iOS updates. These updates will take up space overtime, sometimes a large heap of storage is lost from updates, after these major software updates are over, it’s either you use a custom ROM to keep your phone in good shape or buy a new phone entirely.

It’s being reported this week that Germany’s federal government is pushing the European Union to require phone manufacturers to provide long-term software support for at least 7 years after their release, major updates are excluded.

It’s also an environmental concern, as many try to reduce waste from constantly switching gadgets. Meanwhile, tech advocacy group DigitalEurope, on the other hand, demands lesser requirements, proposing that EU’s requirements should be at least 3 years of updates; although some manufacturers like Samsung, Google, Apple, and OnePlus, has already set this as a standard.

The EU’s proposal around these requirements will apparently take effect in 2023 and is also designed to lessen the environmental concern by ensuring these devices are useful to consumers for longer periods of time.

Source(s): 9to5Google, Android Police

Written by Brahm Daniel Verano & Raphael Briones.