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MediaTek Dimensity 2000 coming with ARM V9 and 4nm architecture

Mediatek is rumored to launched their newest top of the line 5G SoC, with being said to rival Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 898. What we know here that Mediatek’s top of the line processors are AI focused. Unlike Qualcomm processors which were made to balanced the performance of the chipset from CPU, GPU, NPU and ISP. As we all know their top of the line Dimensity 1200 can be rivaled by the older Snapdragon 855 when it comes to GPU and memory speeds. When it comes to AI and Imaging Technologies, surely Mediatek has an edge. Not to mention they’re cheaper than their counterparts at Qualcomm.

Now the chipset is rumored to arrive with an all new ARM V9 microarchitecture. This new marvel of technological architecture will be the forefront of ARM in running 300 billion devices currently. This new microarchitecture was introduced in Cambridge on March of 2021. With the aim to offer better AI performance and cutting edge technology.

The 4nm fabrication process which would highly be hisillicon will be one of the first to offer improved efficiency and thermals on a smartphone. With the new Dimensity expected to arrive this fall or early 2022, let us brace ourselves for another chapter of speed, efficiency and performance.