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Windows 11 is scheduled to release on October 5

Microsoft has announced the release date of the next-gen version of Windows — the Windows 11.

A complete overhaul is set to arrive on October 5

Starting October 5th, the update will roll out on all existing and eligible PCs for free. Obviously, the update will roll out on newer devices first. It will also come pre-installed on future laptops and PCs after that date. Additionally, it will start rolling out on more devices soon as Microsoft releases the update roadmap which gives us which more devices are eligible by mid-2022.

Naturally, the update should emerge on the Windows Update once the update is ready. Windows 11 is promising as it offers a revamped interface, as seen in early builds, alongside an updated Microsoft Store app, upgraded capabilities, as well as gaming-esque features like an integrated Xbox Game Pass mode.

Windows 11 will also give us an Android-on-PC experience through collaboration with Amazon and Intel, however, it will not be present in the launch. The feature will then be offered to Windows Insiders in the next months as a preview.