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Are we saying goodbye to cheaper Android Phones?

Google has just revealed that the upcoming smartphones to run Android 12 will at least require a minimum of 6GB RAM. So how does it affect the entry-level market?

As we are all familiar of the entry-level market is not that kind of a powerhouse. Smartphones sporting 4GB RAMs can go as low as 3,999 pesos and as high as 7,999 pesos, depending on the SOC onboard and the hardware used. Pricing may vary depending on what manufacturing process is used whether it’s OEM or ODM.

Now is it still possible to maintain the prices of smartphones even that Google has changed the requirements for its Android Operating System? Let’s say the new policy will have a minimal effect if manufacturers stick to the old LPDDR3 RAM version, but let’s expect the unexpected. As you can still remember we still have an ongoing Processor Shortage which gives manufacturers a chance to increase smartphone prices and we can see the effects on Oppo and Vivo’s entry-level lineup. So does it really mean that smartphones like the Cherry Mobile Aqua S9 will no longer have a successor that will sport a 4GB ram for the same price? because once the new policy is implemented smartphones will run on 6GB RAM even if it’s an entry-level processor. Or will you switch to Android Go?

As a conclusion to the problem we can expect manufacturers to make some adjustments in the entry-level market. For example, sacrificing good hardware parts to compliment the RAM or they can ditch their custom based UI for Google’s open-source OS. In this kind of chaos in the market, OEMs and ODM companies will surely benefit as they are the most flexible when it comes to market adjustments and as usual Brands with their own production line falls behind.