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RMX3393 spotted on EEC certification website. Could it be the Realme 9 Pro Plus?

A series of certification websites has released model number certifications of under testing and probably upcoming Realme smartphones. The most highlighted aming them was the Realme RMX 3393 in which many sources in China says that it could be the Realme 9 Pro Plus? Okay this feels weird but a plus version on the Realme series is new to us. Let’s just expect that it could be better than the renown pro models in different aspects but what can we expect actually? Well we are about to find out.

Along with the RMX 3393 are RMX3301 and RMX3491. Both doesn’t have a speculated model name yet but it’s pretty obvious that these model numbers may be released as soon as Realme UI 3.0 is released.

EEC listing didn’t revealed anything about these devices. Let’s just wait for further information in the upcoming days or weeks.