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TECNO Mobile unveils Memory Fusion Technology

TECNO Mobile has announced its way of expanding your virtual RAM capacity and it’s called ‘Memory Fusion Technology.’ It’s a feature that increases the virtual Random Access Memory (RAM) itself which brings up to 61% app loading speeds, and software enhancements to launch multiple apps up to 81% smoother.

So, how does it work?

The Memory Fusion Technology works by making use of the remaining internal storage (or read-only memory, if you’d prefer) and channeling them for RAM operations.

For instance, you own an 8GB + 128GB smartphone. With the help of Memory Fusion, you are able to extend your RAM capacity by allocating your internal storage leftovers to the RAM. If you have a 5GB spare from your storage, then you’re eligible for the 13GB RAM expansion. And the same thing goes on, depending on the size of your choice.

As a result, it grants your device to switch over apps seamlessly without any worries while maintaining processing power and optimal efficiency simultaneously, beating several smartphones that lack it.

“With Memory Fusion Technology, TECNO users can enjoy fullest capabilities for a better smartphone experience.” said Danni Xu, Marketing Director, TECNO.

One can activate Memory Fusion by locating the Memory Fusion itself in the Settings app of your TECNO Mobile device and then select the preferred expansion capacity. The Memory Fusion Tech allows up to 5GB and varies across different TECNO Mobile smartphones.

Memory Fusion Technology will arrive to the CAMON 18 series and SPARK 8 lineup starting this month.

Source: WalasTech, GIZGUIDEPH