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Telegram 8.4 update adds reactions, translations, spoilers, and QR codes

Reactions are now a part of the app as Telegram introduce highlighted features in the latest 8.4 version, as the 12th update.

Reimagined reactions

Just like Facebook Messenger, the way of expressing your reactions is almost exactly the same, although it’s not something you might get used to easily. Like, instead of holding a message, you tap on it to summon it to summon the row of emojis and there you go.

Reactions’ overview | Telegram official blog

Telegram claims that it is the first messaging app to add ‘animated and interactive emoji’, well, of course it will be different from Facebook Messenger, why wouldn’t it but atleast they tried huh?


Alongside reactions, there’s a spoiler formatting… for, spoilers. It’s surprisingly easy, you just select the part of your message you want to hide then profit! Once your message has been sent, that specific part of your text will be hidden with a fancy distorted animation that only reveals when you tap on it!

Spoilers’ overview | Telegram official blog
In-built Translations

And finally, after all these years, they have finally implemented the translation feature! Thank goodness! You know, whenever I discover something I don’t understand through Telegram, I would use an unofficial third-party client just for the translation. Thankfully, this time, it’s built on the app itself so no worries anymore!

Translation’s overview | Telegram official blog
Themed QR Codes, and more!

Aside from the translation feature, we also get customized and generated QR Codes! It only works with any users that have a public username in any case, but hey, it’s still new! Not the one to complain but this is actually pretty useful, it lets users take QR Codes that they would remember so that they can access it anytime.

Themed QR Codes | Telegram official blog

Other than that, the update brings UI menu changes for macOS users, that comes with shortcut hints and animated icons, as well as a ‘More Interactive Emoji’ experience.

Telegram sure knows how to end the year with a bang, at the same time starting a new one with the exact same thing. Well, technically, the end of the year is the start of another year, if you know what I mean.

Source: Telegram official blog, Via: GSMArena