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RAKK Gears PH launches the all-new Talan Air Wireless Gaming Mouse

RAKK Gears PH, in cooperation with EASYPC, has announced the launch of the brand’s newest wireless gaming mouse in the country. Meet — the Talan Air, a lightweight wireless mouse that promises to offer gaming-esque features for in-demand players.

For those unaware, the RAKK Talan Air is an upgraded version of the last year’s RAKK Talan Wireless Gaming Mouse, released in March 2021. The latest model comes with overhauled specifications over its predecessor, including the high-precision sensors, improved clickers, and two (2) hot-swappable batteries.

In terms of customizations, the RAKK Talan Air also offers customizable high and low-profile shells though a RAKK Talan Air Mouse Top Cover Kit is sold separately to take full control of the customization.

Meanwhile, the RAKK Talan Air has an adjustable weight that starts from 63g when using a honeycomb body without a battery (wired) and goes up to 77g when using a solid body with battery. Moreover, the gaming peripheral also features removable high and low profile covers, as well as adjustable button spaces, LOD 1mm, and RGB software support.

Keeping the lights on is a 300mAh battery that charges in just an hour. It promises up to 36-hour battery life, with 1000Hz and LED off. Don’t worry, the Talan Air comes with two (2) batteries so you can still charge the other one while in-game, and use it when the current one drains out.

Other than that, the Talan Air comes with essential gaming features, such as 3370 sensors, PTFE Skates, and Kailh 8.0 clickers that will surely bring victory to players in their favorite games such as DOTA, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Valorant, and more.

Pricing & Availability

The RAKK Talan Air starts at PHP 2,395 and comes in two different colors, Black and White. It is now available in all EASYPC online stores (including Shopee and Lazada) and retail stores nationwide.