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StackLeague: Connecting the Nation’s Programmers to Tech Opportunities

StackLeague, The Philippines’ Largest Online Programming League, amplifies the competition with bigger cash prizes and more opportunities for the country’s programmers to further their skills and grow their careers in tech. As the competition heats up, here’s what you shouldn’t miss:

Year-round Cash Prizes

The StackLeague Official Launch happening on February 22, 2022, will mark the start of the league’s official scoring. As players solve more challenges to earn points, cash prizes await the players and teams who would emerge at the top of the weekly rankings in the Treasure Chest Individual and Team Categories. Players who take on the Challenger Level-Up, on the other hand, will have a chance to win cash prizes every time they conquer a challenger level and go from Bronze to Silver, and then Gold.

Nationwide Recognition

Apart from the exciting cash prizes, top players also have a chance to be recognized as a StackLeague Featured Programmer and get nationwide recognition. Featured programmers are also mentioned in StackLeague’s press releases, as well as in StackLeague’s industry and university events which are streamed live nationwide

Upskilling Opportunities

Winners also get exclusive access to StackLeague tech and career sessions with the industry’s leading resource speakers for the opportunity to upskill and grow their careers.

Inspiring the Nation into Coding

StackLeague players also have a chance to go beyond the competition and inspire the nation into coding by being StackLeague Ambassadors. StackLeague Ambassador points can be earned by inviting more players to join the league and by sharing their competitive journey through blogs. Ambassadors of the Month get to enjoy Php 3, 000 cash and a StackLeague shirt, while the Ambassador of the Year would get Php 20, 000 cash and a StackLeague jacket.

Amplifying the Competition

This year, StackLeague amplifies the competition by providing more opportunities for StackLeague players and winners with the support of industry partners including Microsoft, Deltek, Coding Chiefs, and Apper.

Also working with StackLeague to reach more programmers and connect them with opportunities are media partners including SparkUp, Wazzup Pilipinas, APPSGADGET, Back End News, Blooing, Androidist, Corner Magazine PH, and Megabites.

Be a part of StackLeague 2022

Challenge and level up your skills, get rewarded with cash prizes and giveaways, and have access to thousands of tech job opportunities by joining StackLeague. Sign up at