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YouTube Go is going to be discontinued this August

On a blog post, Google has announced that YouTube Go will stop working this coming August. Users are instead encouraged to use the regular YouTube app or use a browser.

YouTube Go was launched in 2016 as a watered-down version of YouTube intended for weaker devices, such as Android Go phones. It does not have the same level of privileges as the regular YouTube app including the ability to create or post videos, make comments, and switch to dark mode. What made it worth it was the fact it loaded videos faster on these lower-end devices and is more data-friendly, which the regular YouTube app could not deliver.

Google’s statement is as follows:

Today, we are announcing that YouTube Go will be sunsetted beginning in August. To access YouTube, we recommend that YouTube Go users install the main YouTube app or visit in their browsers. In comparison with YouTube Go, the main YouTube app provides a better overall user experience as well as offers features that aren’t available on YouTube Go that many have asked for – such as the ability to comment, post, create content, and use dark theme.


Thanks for the six years of powering Android Go devices, YouTube Go. We’re sad to see you go away.

Via: Google