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Google reveals minimum requirements for Android 13 Go Edition

Android 13 has just been released a month ago and now it’s finally getting a lightweight adaptation as Google raises the minimum requirement for Android 13 Go running on entry-level devices.

2GB RAM is now needed to run Android Go.

Google revealed in a blog post that 2GB RAM is now the minimum requirement needed to run Android 13 Go on entry-level handsets for manufacturers to abide by.

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Throughout the years, Google has constantly been increasing the requirements for several Android versions in Go Edition despite being lightweight, from Android 8.0 Go’s 512MB to Android 13 Go’s 2GB RAM requirement.

In addition, Google Product Expert Jason Bayton also revealed in a tweet that the minimum requirement for storage has been increased up to 16GB though there was no official statement from Google.

For those unaware, Android Go is Google’s lightweight version of the regular Android versions with less fanciness and basic features, intended to run on low-end devices.

Source: Google Blog, Via: YugaTech