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OPINION: Are Intel Celeron processors any good?

Last year, I just saw the news about the distribution of laptops at public schools by the government of the Philippines. The post then became controversial. It sparked heated debate among netizens and got criticized for having an Intel Celeron processor despite having an expensive price tag of PHP 80,000.

So, I conducted a survey regarding the ups and downs of Intel Celeron processors which gathered various opinions from people, including my friends, relatives, and fellow PC enthusiasts, and… guess what?

It’s bad.

I have been told by my friends that it’s a bad idea to get a computer that uses the aforementioned chip — because it was cheap but the performance is bad. It can’t even handle the latest version of Minecraft and can only run basic games like Solitaire and Chess. Well, it wasn’t a gaming chip in the first place.

In contrast, Celeron processors are bad. They’re mainly for office purposes (perhaps they’re so bad that it’s something you wouldn’t multitask on) and I don’t recommend them. I have used a PC with a Celeron processor once and it performs poorly, compared to the other Intel CPUs I have encountered before, and there are better recommendations to get like the Core i5 series or i7.

For those unaware, Celeron is a series of low-end computer CPUs for low-cost personal computers manufactured by Intel. It’s a processor found in cheap computers and laptops.