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Twitter Blue is finally arriving in the Philippines

As first spotted by WalasTech, Twitter seems to be teasing the arrival of its premium subscription service in the Philippines as Twitter Blue appears on some Twitter accounts in the country.

Twitter Blue is a paid subscription service that adds a verified badge to your profile along with early access to select features. Twitter describes Twitter Blue as a way for an enhanced and customized Twitter experience. Opting for the service adds several fancy features to the platform with fewer ads, and more, including the capability to post longer videos, edit tweets, and of course, the blue tick.

Despite being mentioned that Twitter Blue adds a verified badge after subscribing, it should be noted that the badge won’t show on your profile right away as your account must meet the eligibility criteria first though all features will be available immediately, as per the Twitter Help Center.

A Twitter account must be created more than 90 days ago to meet the service requirements. Twitter Blue subscribers will also be required to confirm their phone number as part of signing up. However, once a user has been subscribed to Twitter Blue, changes to their profile, including usernames will result in the loss of the blue checkmark, until the account is verified again to meet the platform’s requirements.

Twitter Blue currently offers an annual and monthly subscription. However, no local availability and pricing yet have been revealed as of the writing.