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Samsung and Thom Browne join forces on limited edition Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Watch 6

South Korean phone maker Samsung announces collaboration with New York fashion label Thom Browne on a limited edition Thom Browne-themed Galaxy Z Fold 5. The partnership brings sartorial design to the recently-released foldable powerhouse, with luxury craftsmanship and material.

A special edition of the Galaxy Z Fold 5, the Thom Browne edition comes with Samsung's top-of-the-line foldable technology and pays homage to Thom Browne's signature design — with several signature design elements featuring its black pebble leather and grosgrain details.

Image credit: Samsung

Thom Browne's signature red, white, and blue stripes also surround the limited edition product on the back in a fabric texture engraved on the back glass, alongside a black frame, a gold hinge, and gold rings around the camera lenses.

Image credit: Samsung
In addition, the limited edition Galaxy Z Fold 5 also comes with two leather pouch cases, a special edition of the S Pen, and an iconic packaging — a Thom Browne briefcase.

Inside the box is the Galaxy Watch 6 which also shares similarities and aesthetics with the limited edition Galaxy Z Fold 5, and it comes with two leather straps: one with black pebble leather and the other with red, white, and blue-striped leather. These colors are also present on the 25W charging brick, the coin-style watch charger, and the USB-C to USB-C cable.

Starting September 12, the limited edition Thom Browne collection of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Watch 6 will be available for sale in select markets, including the Philippines.