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MediaTek launches Dimensity 9300+ for Q2 2024

Taiwanese chip maker, MediaTek, just recently launched their new chipset, the Dimensity 9300+, that brings elevated performance, an improved GPU, and enhanced on-device AI capabilities, when compared to its sibling, the Dimensity 9300 that was launched 6 months prior. 

The chipset is fabricated in a 4nm process, made by TSMC and the core architecture is 1+3+4, just like its predecessor. The GPU also didn’t have any significant changes since it still uses the same GPU (ARM Immortalis-G720) from its past sibling.

MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ Infographic

The improvement starts with the chipset’s clock speed, of which its prime Cortex-X4 core was increased from 3.25 GHz to 3.4 GHz. Another notable upgrade of this chipset is its APU. The updated APU 590 promises to give a 10% performance boost in AI tasks with the help of NeuroPilot Speculative Decode Acceleration, a new technology introduced by the tech giant. Other notable upgrades include its AI engine that supports a much wider LLMs (large language model) and the chip’s in-built gaming technology and network capabilities which overall improves its power efficiency.

Leaks suggest that this chipset will power the upcoming phones from Vivo (X100s) and IQOO (Neo 9S Pro Series), which is expected to release later this month. The improvement promised by MediaTek will be unveiled once these phones are launched in the near future.