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Ethics Policy

Personal assaults on people and companies in the industries we cover, as well as colleagues in our industry, are never published by our authors. In reporting on delicate subjects, we emphasize objectivity.

Conflicts of Interest

Androidist avoids disputes whenever and whenever feasible. If the information is of similar interest, it will carry a disclaimer.

All Androidist staff, writers, and editors aim for “fairness” in their reporting.

Fairness means:

• not intentionally excluding facts.
• including relevant information.
• not deceiving the reader.
• allowing the inclusion of comments from individuals or organizations that are subject to assertions or claims in a story.


All stories that are “opinionated” will be clearly identified as such.
At the end of a story, an author may express their opinion. When and if this happens, it will be explicitly stated as the author’s opinion via a sub-heading such as “Androidist’s Recommendation” or “Author’s Opinion.”

Author Rules

If any writer on Androidist is found copying, plagiarising content, or violating the company’s policy, the content will then be transferred to the company’s staff account, and the writer will be removed from our network. We take strict measures against authors who provide inaccurate or misleading information to our readers.

Spoiler Considerations

We always obey embargoes on previews and reviews and save spoilers for when we have permission to post – or after release. We make every effort to keep sensitive spoilers out of headlines and photographs until a sufficient amount of time has passed to ensure that our readers are not exposed to information they are not looking for. We will always add a spoiler warning at the top of the article if there are spoilers and publication will take place during the release window.

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