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androidist started off as a Facebook page in 2019 with the aim of providing third-party aftermarket firmware to its community, it was originally established by two founding members Brahm Daniel Verano and Mar Yvan Dela Cruz.

Later on, as the community rapidly grew, androidist became a fully-fledged technology-oriented news and media website a year later, with the aim of delivering the latest news and updates in the tech industry and has been backed by a supportive team:

Editorial Team

Brahm Daniel Verano, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Brahm Daniel Verano is the Founder and the Editor-in-Chief of androidist. He established androidist as a platform for tech journalism back in 2019 covering the latest news and updates happening in the tech industry. It all started as a Facebook page and later evolved into a tech-oriented website backed by a startup team of writers. Outside of androidist, his name has appeared across several publications including EveryTechEver and AniToons+. You can reach out to him at [email protected].

You can also follow him on X (formerly Twitter) at Brahm Daniel Verano.

Jasper Fernandez Vegas, Editor-at-Large

Jasper Fernandez Vegas is the Editor-at-Large of androidist. He works as a freelance Android developer, and his primary expertise is in Java. In addition to it, he works as a web developer and photographer.

You can follow him on Facebook at Jasper Fernandez Vegas.

Other Members

Mar Yvan Dela Cruz, Co-Founder

Mar Yvan Dela Cruz is the Co-Founder of androidist. He joined androidist during its conceptualization phase and helped build its foundation. He enjoys shoes as a hobby and also has a sweet spot for automobiles. He studies and codes most of the time.

You can follow him on Facebook at Mar Yvan Dela Cruz.