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This is a four-layered toilet paper by Xiaomi

Excuse me, the what?

In case you don’t know, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has its weirdest product yet, and it’s the Wuro Xiuja, a pair of toilet paper.

Xiaomi Wuro Xiuja

The Xiaomi Wuro Xiuja is a four-layered toilet paper that comes in two variations, the brown one which AliExpress calls the “WURO natural bamboo fiber bacteriostatic paper” and the other one as “Xiujia white roll paper with four layers thickening.”

The brown variant

Now, you might be wondering, where’s the Xiaomi logo? The toilet paper did not come with the Xiaomi branding, however, a report from Xiaomiui claimed that the product was released by Xiaomi itself, as an ecological chain company while Xiaomi Youpin selling it.

The white variant
So, how do they differ?

As the name suggests, the “WURO natural bamboo fiber bacteriostatic paper” (brown variant) comes in a bamboo fiber bacteriostatic paper. Obviously, it uses bamboo as its material to make each layer and that’s what makes it special, you know, it being brown, unlike other white tissues.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the “Xiujia white roll paper with four layers thickening” (white variant) still retains its four-layered material but comes with a strong water absorption, unlike the standard brown variant which lacks it.

Albeit, the toilet paper was actually discovered by a russian website back then in 2019 and then picked up by various media platforms such as Xiaomiui.

Pricing & Availability

The Xiaomi Wuro Xiuja is priced at 12€ (~roughly PHP 544) and can be sold through AliExpress.

Source: AliExpress, Via: Xiaomiui

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