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Verification & Fact-Checking Policy

Androidist’s writers have primary responsibility for reporting, writing, and fact-checking their stories. Every piece of news published on Androidist is reviewed by one or more editors; we have a multi-level structure for story review and editing, which may include fact-checking.

When news is submitted by one of our reporters, we reach out to the source to confirm the accuracy of the said information, and only then the piece of news is published on our website and made available to its readers, we take fact-checking our posts very seriously.

Accurate Headlines

We believe that the headline should reflect the content hence, we actively work on providing 100% accurate headlines that reflect the content provided in the so-called piece of news.

Checking For Official Comment

Whenever we cover a rumor, potential leak, or unconfirmed announcement from unofficial sources such as social media, credit, YouTube channels, etc, we reach out to the said studio or representative to confirm the information. If we do not receive a response from the aforementioned studio or individual, our team will actively work to provide the most accurate information possible, as well as a note at the bottom of the post stating that no official statement on the said topic has been made by the official entities.

When we are the original source of the said news, we follow basic journalism principles.

For corrections or queries, please contact us at

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