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This rollable phone by Oppo gives us a special glimpse of the future


The world’s first rollable phone ever is now official!

Last year, Oppo held their first Inno Day event showcasing a phone with an in-display front camera and an AR Glass headset, but now, they finally kicked off the event for this year so what do they have to unveil this time? 

Oppo X 2021 with a rollable screen during the Oppo Inno Day 2020 event

At Oppo’s Inno Day 2020 online event, Oppo has showcased their upcoming concept products at Inno Day 2020, including the world’s first rollable phone ever made by Oppo, the Oppo X 2021. With the help of a swipe gesture on the side button of the screen, the concept device is able to transform between a standard 6.7-inch OLED display to a maximum size of 7.4-inches. The functionality is similar to how do you unfold it, according to the Oppo Vice President and Head of Oppo Research Institute, Levin Liu, who showcased the device.

And also, no crease visible on the screen when you expand it, isn’t that surprising?

Oppo also says that the design was made possible with the help of several technologies built into the phone. To maintain the device’s durability, Oppo says that it developed its power train, structural plate, and screen laminate. Nevertheless, the idea of the concept was nothing new. LG previously teased the design of a rollable OLED TV several months ago. This is not the first time we have seen a rollable device. 

Oppo AR Glass 2021 during the Oppo Inno Day 2020 event

Alongside the Oppo X 2021, Oppo also unveiled their new AR Glass headset. Unlike last year’s AR Glass, this one’s more sleeker, paired with overhauled capabilities. Oppo says that users can attach their Oppo Find X2 Pro to the headset via USB-C cable, with a CPU and GPU boost up to 40% compared to last year’s pair. Oppo also says that you are able to watch local and online videos in its AR theater. You can also interact your AR Glass with a paired smartphone.

Oppo CybeReal AR App during the Oppo Inno Day 2020 event

And lastly, an AR app. What comes into your mind when you see an app made for Augment Reality?

As for the last concept, Oppo officially announced an AR application called CybeReal. According to Oppo, CybeReal can display information as regards the screen being displayed on the device through the device’s cameras. Oppo also said that the AR app is supported by its three-core technologies.


Watch the Oppo Inno 2020 Event keynote here:

Source: Engadget, Via: The Verge

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