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Microsoft Has Its Eyes on Buying Discord for over $10 Billion-plus

San Francisco based Discord, is best recognized for its free service for gamers that lets it users to communicate by text, voice, and video. This pandemic, users has increasingly used its features and its technology for multiple reasons; whether it be for education, for gaming, and for business purposes.

Software giant, Microsoft Corp. is interested in buying Discord for well over than $10B. Discord has been talking with potential buyers and Microsoft is leading with the said discussions. Although having regular conferences, no deal impends within the two. Moreover, Discord is more likely to go public than give out Itself, one individual said.
Discord’s service is free for most users, they mostly make-up their sales with $9.99 monthly Nitro that gives furthermore advanced features like larger file limits, upload animated avatars and emojis, higher screen share resolution, and more.
Source: Bloomberg