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The ultimate list of kitchen essentials from XTREME Appliances

Kitchen has always been the sweetest spot of a home — a place where we can expand our culinary horizons or just simply create family moments to savor. Building an efficient and functionable kitchen space is something that takes time and effort, thus choosing the right appliances to equip your kitchen is not the one to cut back on. Whether you want to replace or upgrade your equipment, XTREME Appliances is here to help you find the perfect appliances depending on your needs and preferences.

As the country’s leading one-stop shop appliance brand, XTREME Appliances has been offering a wide range of premium quality home and commercial appliances. In this article, we list down some of the kitchen essentials you need to invest in for your kitchen.

XTREME Cool Bottom Load Water Dispenser

If you’re looking for a way to reduce potential accidents from spills that can come from replenishing the water bottle, this XTREME Cool Bottom Load Water Dispenser might be the best choice for you. One of its biggest advantages is its compact design that lets you move and maneuver with ease. Compared to top load water dispensers, they’re much shorter so it doesn’t require big space. It has an ivory white glossy finish that makes it versatile in any kitchen design.

XTREME Home Multicooker

If you’re investing in a multipurpose cooker, then you might want to consider buying an XTREME Home Multicooker. This digital all-in-one kitchen solution can cook rice, soup, and porridge plus you can bake goodies and steam as well. With its high range of functions, a multicooker can replace a number of small kitchen appliances, thus saving you more space on your kitchen countertop.

XTREME Home Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens have become the most essential home appliances in this modern and fast-paced era. This handy and useful cooking solution lets you reheat food, cook, defrost, and even disinfect kitchen items. Aside from its impressive features, XTREME Home Digital Microwave Oven has a stylish white finish with a mirror front that makes it versatile to any kitchen aesthetic.

XTREME Cool Chest Freezer

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient and effective way of storing food, the 7 cu.ft. XTREME Cool Chest Freezer proves to be a low-maintenance food storage solution. Chest freezer gives you extra space with its space-hogging compartment and is better at handling longer-term storage thus saving trips to the market. This storage solution holds temperature well and uses the least amount of energy to run which saves you in your total electric consumption.

XTREME Home Gas Range

The 50CM XTREME Home Gas Ranges boast impressive burner temperature control and an elegant finish that make it perfect for a Filipino kitchen. This 4-burner cooking solution brings together the best of both worlds — owning a gas stove combined with all the benefits of an oven. Not only does its stainless steel exterior look nice, with a bright shine and a sense of elegance, but it also will fit with any style.

XTREME Home Blender

Although personal blenders might be smaller compared to other regular blenders, this efficient and space-saving kitchen solution has the power of its larger counterparts. This 600L XTREME Home Personal Blender lets you make your own favorite smoothie in just simple steps — top with your choice of ingredients and liquid, blend, and you’re good to go.