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Meta is finally bringing multiple accounts to Facebook

Facebook parent company Meta is finally embracing multiple accounts as it officially announces additional profiles on the platform — a new feature giving users the ability to "organize" one's experience by switching between profiles without having to log in. The new feature was announced this Thursday and is now rolling out globally although will be available only on select "adult" accounts, as per Meta's announcement.

"Creating multiple personal profiles lets you easily organize who you share with and what content you see for the various parts of your life," Meta wrote in a blog post. "The ability to create multiple personal profiles is starting to roll out globally today and will continue over the next few months," Meta added.

Interested users can head on to their respective profiles and find the button to create additional profiles, then click on "Get Started," pick a name, then input their desired username and they're good to go. Additionally, users can choose a name and have a username for up to four additional profiles. Moreover, they can switch between profiles with no login required.

Image credit: Meta

It is worth noting that some Facebook features like Professional Mode and Marketplace will not be available at launch, but messaging won't be an issue as it will be available across the web and app versions of Facebook for additional profiles. Albeit, the social media giant is planning to extend Messenger support in the coming months.

Source: Meta official website